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Bird’s Eye View by Karin–somewhat vulnerable, occasionally serious, and randomly amusing.

July 2013 launch–Do the next best thing.  In my words, just get started.

I once heard Beth Moore say something along these lines, “you can spend all your time perfecting your ministry (or whatever), and completely miss it.” So here I am, starting somewhere–Bird’s Eye View by Karin. It doesn’t look exactly how I want it to quite yet, but it’s a start, and it’ll grow just as I do.

For any of you who “Liked” or even missed my Studio Living Series on Facebook, I plan to add the entire sequence (19 posts) to Bird’s Eye View by Karin. The blog will actually consist of three categories: HOME: studio living, RELATIONSHIPS: kg loving, and DEVOTION: Jesus speaking.

Bird’s Eye View by Karin will be my life application of the biblical and practical principles found in WING Ministries’ blog, WING Wisdom. Stories, photos, and other thoughts of mine will “be tagged” with some of these key words: resourcefulness, cleaning (not necessarily “how to,” but more like confessed messy moments), outdoors, Auntie Karin, hospitality and decoration (will also pull from my event planner background), Scripture, creation, and prayer.

My theme Scripture for Bird’s Eye View by Karin comes from Psalm 61:2, “… lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” I believe standing on The Rock, who is Jesus Christ, is where the true and clear perspective for life comes from. It’s from this vantage point as seen through His Word that I continually journey with my heart and mind…

Will you join me for the view? It’s pretty good from up there.