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#31 Square footage all around

As I mentioned in “And then there was a second post…” (HOME: studio living, post #2), I’m limited in the ways I can move furniture around to change things up, so this time I looked up and to home accessories to keep things fresh. These lanterns, which I bought for outdoor breakfast/dinner parties (not too late to get on guest list), will probably be staying indoors for the duration of the summer (loving them!) and I will be needing to purchase duplicate ambiance for my festive gatherings on the grassy knolls of “The Shire.”




#24 “Once upon a time…

…in The Shire where Karin lives, the removal of a hedge near her studio-cottage revealed a little green door to…” (You creatives can finish the story under comments). Reality is, it used to be a wood box for the fireplace and then they drywalled it off to make the closet bigger. So now my clothes hang in a space a little bit bigger than a bread box.

Studio cottage with little green door100MEDIA$IMAG2699-1











#16 No where to run, No where to hide, and then…

(PHOTO ABSOLUTELY NOT AVAILABLE)– Imagine your cluttered office desk, two loads of unfolded clean clothes, your messy kitchen counter post dinner (dishwasher not included), and your unmade queen bed all in one ”non-master bedroom size” space. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Highlight at this studio living low point–My neighbor has friends over and is currently playing Neil Diamond. Consider me inspired. Let the clean-up begin.

(Posted on Facebook- May 4, 2013)

#11 Divine juxtaposition

The Lord lined this shot up for me this morning, right outside my bedroom window. Well, that is to say, one of the windows over my bed. Anyway, two of my favorite things–hummingbirds and the moon. A definite early morning blessing. (Posted on Facebook- October 2, 2012)

(The almost exact photo taken just days earlier, turned into the graphic image for this blog.)

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