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#31 Square footage all around

As I mentioned in “And then there was a second post…” (HOME: studio living, post #2), I’m limited in the ways I can move furniture around to change things up, so this time I looked up and to home accessories to keep things fresh. These lanterns, which I bought for outdoor breakfast/dinner parties (not too late to get on guest list), will probably be staying indoors for the duration of the summer (loving them!) and I will be needing to purchase duplicate ambiance for my festive gatherings on the grassy knolls of “The Shire.”




#22 Reflecting on my seasons with thankfulness…

The planter on my porch reminds me of different memories from this past year. And my strawberry plant in all its fruitful glory points to the last month of this year to be celebrated–Christmas.

#20 The ole adage, “one of these things is not like the others…”

Who knew that a water leak could happen to The Shire?? (The toilet had to be removed so the new floor could be installed.) And no, I didn’t stage this photo one bit. I just had to make sure all the elements were within the frame (click on the photo). And I love that the tags ended up being “indoors” and “outdoors” (no other description could be more apropos for this plumbing situation that happened earlier this summer).