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Post B-day sidenote:

So on my birthday I got this idea that I would post something to each category of my blog. The day of (5/8/14) I wrote and took pictures for DEVOTION: Jesus Speaking and HOME: studio living, but still need to compose a post for RELATIONSHIPS: kg loving. I actually have a title in mind (“Coming of age”) and a recent photo from when I spoke at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CRU Women’s Retreat, but again, just need to write it. So I’m posting this aside as a way of holding myself accountable. We’ll see if that has any effect.












Since the launch of Bird’s Eye View by Karin (July 31, 2013), the graphic for the blog has undergone seasonal changes and found its background in photos taken of a wall painted sunshine yellow and another one painted in shades of blue, a rusted tin roof, and a grey mantel shelf adorned with votive candle holders.




Where’s the Love?!

So here’s the question, “when is Karin going to post to RELATIONSHIPS: kg loving, the third category she mentioned at the launch of this blog?” I know, almost five months have gone by and you’d think by now I would have shared something about hospitality, being Auntie Karin, friendship, Christian mentoring…I actually have some ideas in the queue and some drafts that are almost complete. So keep checking out the other posts to HOME: studio living and DEVOTION: Jesus speaking and stand by for some love.