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Could this be more of a metaphor? My niece unknowingly titled this work in progress today when we were piecing it together. Sometimes I am confused by the puzzle that is my life and then I am also reminded that “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…” (1 Corinthians 14:33) and that everything is being perfectly ordered and put into place by Him for me and the benefit of others. It’s nice when you can see things starting to take shape.




The gift that keeps on giving–glitter!!

Special KI’m kind of excited about this post because it’s the first one in my blog category–Relationships: kg loving.

A few months back, WING Ministries had a prayer meeting and we made bookmarks with the Bird’s Eye View by Karin image for each attendee to take home. It was in creating these gifts that I discovered self-adhesive laminating sheets (Where had I been?! They can be bought from any office supply store).Bird's Eye View by Karin Bookmarks

As Auntie Karin to four nieces and three nephews, this newly discovered item became a perfect resource to have on hand.

Tip: In order to preserve (and somewhat contain) the one-dimensional glittery school projects, cards, gifts, holiday decorations, etc. which you make or receive from those you love, use self-adhesive laminating sheets (simple DIY project).

Glitter "K" So, this special valentine from my niece will not only continue to sparkle amidst my “K” collection, it will remind her and me (when she comes over and sees it on display) how much I treasure her.


#12 Fine dining

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Who needs to use the dining table on wheels when you can just as easily provide a hospitable arrangement for your guests (nieces) with an indoor picnic.  I do believe this is now plan A for all future dinner parties of 4 or less (including a linen upgrade).

(Posted on Facebook- October 24, 2012)