Looking back to see ahead

(Thoughts on Christian mentoring that I shared in an update for WING Ministries in July 2013 IMAG1361-1)

Hope–It was at the Closing Celebration for Horizon’s fourth WING Program, as I sat listening to each of the mentors and their young women share about their time together, that this insight came to mind.

A Christian mentor provides many things for a younger woman on her life’s journey: biblical knowledge and wisdom, prayer, encouragement, accountability, sweet friendship, and not the least of these, hope. When life inevitably presents times of distress, relationship challenges, loneliness, and the unknown, a mentor can minister through her remembering. She can pass onto her young woman a memory of a time when God was faithful to deliver, heal, comfort, supply, etc., and provide her young woman with hope to carry on. 

IMAG1360For Certain–In sharing at this same event, I based my encouragement on a word I had recently seen over and over while studying the Book of Acts—certain. Many times when an individual was introduced in the text, he or she was described as “a certain disciple” or “a certain man/woman.” The promising parallel I was able to draw for the mentors and young women was this: Similar to these individuals of the Bible, God was just as intentional with their mentoring relationship, pairing a certain older woman with a certain younger woman for a beautiful purpose only God could accomplish.


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