#36b So, about my neighbors…

studio living-rabbits 
First there were two, and then the Intimidation Bunny came along.

Here’s how it all went down.

Miss Brown Rabbit broke through the grass and was found digging to China as it were.

So Mr. Grey Rabbit was strategically placed in front of the rock, covering the hole, leading to the other side of the world.

It was quite the scene around these parts, and the tighter security had “The Shire” a bit on edge for a time. However, it would seem that all is well again now that our grassy knolls are further fortified.

If you ask me, one question still remains—how did Miss White Rabbit stay so clean through this whole ordeal? Let’s just say she’s under close scrutiny.


P.S. Please note, this photo makes it look like these two rabbits are still in trouble and behind bunny bars. Rest assured, the  fenced off grass area outside their hutch got cropped out of this shot.